How to throw a color party in class

Sneak Peek: A new class party idea for you- a color party!

Looking for a fun new themed class-party idea? Why not try a color party!? Color parties were trending on Tik Tok and one of my students had the idea of doing one to celebrate the end of the school year. 

We looooove to throw parties in heritage Spanish class. So I said, “let’s do it!”

From the top, you may be asking, “now, what is a color party exactly?” The basic idea is that certain groups are assigned a color of food, snacks, or drinks to bring to the party. You can make it a contest by having a prize for whichever group shows out with the most awesome color-themed spread. For our party, the blue team won because they really went all blue and they went all out! 

Let me tell you, this was a TON of fun! Check out this video of my students walking into the room with the items they brought.


If students already sit in groups, you can assign each table a color. If they aren’t in groups, you will want to assign at least 5 people to one color/group. Write down which color you have assigned each student so you can remind them of their color if/when they forget. Or, give them a piece of paper that has their color on it to remind them. We used the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, & brown. Ultimately, just make sure you’ve seen foods or snacks at the store in those colors and if you have, that is a great color to add to the mix of options!

The best things in life take time. With that, I have found it works best to give students at least one week advance notice. It’s just enough time so that they have time, and not so much time they put it off and forget about it entirely.

Hype it up

The week leading up to the party is time to hype it up. To encourage student participation, get them excited about this party. Consider showing them a few videos about what a color party is. If your students are into it, they might even like to create their own class video.

Some free/cheap ways to get your students interested and buying into the fun, are options like offering extra credit or perhaps preferential seating for the winning group. Parties are loud and proud, and only as fun as the collective involvement and commitment of students to get amongst it and compete a little bit. We all need a little more fun in our lives, so use this as a chance to foster classroom community. 

If your school doesn’t allow homemade food to be brought in, you may still be able to do this party because students can bring in packaged food and drink items.

One of my students brought in a Polaroid camera (the kind that prints off the pictures in real-time) that day, so we all had a lot of fun posing for photos. During the party, turn on some music and just let students hang out. I hope your students have a lot of fun with this! 

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