Podcast interview: Heritage Language Learners

Sneak peek: An interview about teaching heritage language learners on the World Language Classroom Podcast

I am so excited to share about my experiences as a guest on this podcast interview with Joshua Cabral at World Language Classroom Podcast. I really enjoyed the chance to talk with him about my experience teaching heritage language learners. 

I have to admit I am a huge Podcast girl. I listen to podcasts daily while I cook, clean, or drive because I love to double up on my time. That said, I was probably geeking out about the chance to get behind the microphone for this one, and experience the creator-side of the spectrum for a change. In fact, this is one of those “bucket list” goals that I need to quickly add to my bucket list, so I can then cross it off! Who doesn’t love a good list, and what’s more, who doesn’t love completing a good list? You know what I mean? 

Sometimes that’s life for you, a series of events that you are open to, and in being open to them, they add value to your life. Maybe you never actually wrote them down on your bucket list, but now that you have achieved them, you realize you are glad you did it.

This conversation flowed well and time flew by while collaborating with Joshua because it was so much fun to share my insights about my favorite class of all time- heritage Spanish! 

Some key topics we covered in this episode are:

  • What are heritage language learners and how did I come to teach this population of students? 
  • What does the curriculum look like with heritage speakers?  How does this differ from the “typical” second language curriculum? 
  • What are the core beliefs behind my curriculum?
  • What are the core components of my curriculum?
  • What is my process for delivering the curriculum?
  • How do I differentiate what can possibly be rather wide ranges in proficiency, particularly with regard to literacy?

You’ll also hear me spill the tea about my one piece of advice if you are teaching heritage learners. And spoiler alert- if you had to guess, which do you think I prefer: drama, or comedy? Give this episode a listen to find out! 

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