Hey there!

My name is Courtney and I’m a high school Spanish Teacher. I first fell in love with the Spanish language on a trip to Bolivia when I was sixteen. I was enthralled with the language, the culture, and the fact that learning new words opened up communication with an entirely new group of people.  This love blossomed further when I eventually studied abroad in Valencia, Spain for a semester!

In general, I’m extremely ambitious until I succumb to binge-watching my favorite telenovelas on Netflix. I’m never one to turn down red wine and there’s a solid chance I eat chorizo tacos every Tuesday… and to round things off, I really enjoy time with friends and family, whether that is at a taproom, or out on a lake.

It’s on my bucket list to be in Oaxaca, Mexico for Day of the Dead. And who are we kidding… it’s also on my bucket list to live in Mexico for awhile!

I have a wonderful husband Lamar, to whom I’ve been married for over six years. Our son Oskar was born in May of 2019. We live in Minnesota, and travel as often as we can find the time. Currently, we’ve been to 23 countries and love making the list grow. Together we run a travel blog: Travel For Days.