Spanish classroom

My approach to Teaching a Heritage Speaker Class

Sneak peek: Everything you should know about my approach to teaching a heritage speaker class.  My story begins in 2017 when I inherited the heritage Spanish class at my school with no clear scope & sequence to go on. That first year was a whirlwind! With little to no time

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22 Freezer Meals for Busy Teachers

Sneak peek: How teachers can batch their meal prep in order to save time during the busy school year. Are you ready to organize your meal plans for either an upcoming medical leave or perhaps just to have a stash of meals for the school year? As a teacher, weeknights

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How to Throw a Relaxing Party in Spanish Class

Sneak peek: How to throw a relaxing party in Spanish class when it’s first hour or your group isn’t very lively. We love throwing parties in heritage Spanish class, but this past year I had the challenge of having a 1st hour and a 4th hour class. I’m an equal

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How to throw a color party in class

Sneak Peek: A new class party idea for you- a color party! Looking for a fun new themed class-party idea? Why not try a color party!? Color parties were trending on Tik Tok and one of my students had the idea of doing one to celebrate the end of the

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Podcast interview: Heritage Language Learners

Sneak peek: An interview about teaching heritage language learners on the World Language Classroom Podcast I am so excited to share about my experiences as a guest on this podcast interview with Joshua Cabral at World Language Classroom Podcast. I really enjoyed the chance to talk with him about my

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Bulletin Board Ideas for Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak peek: Bulletin board decoration ideas for heritage Spanish class.  It’s no secret that creating an environment that invites and encourages learning has a direct impact on student motivation and performance. A learning environment done well will usually consist of many carefully considered elements. Components such as lighting, desk configuration,

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One pagers in Spanish examples

One Pager Literary Analysis for Any Novel in Spanish Class

Sneak Peek: Encourage critical thinking skills in Spanish class with a one pager for the purpose of growth in literary analysis. Meet your new favorite go-to resource for teaching novels in Spanish class. I love this project because it encourages students to think critically and creatively. Instead of comprehension questions

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Hexagon Connect Icebreaker for Spanish class

Sneak peek: An icebreaker called Hexagon Connect that allows you to get to know your students and foster a sense of community within your classroom. I have a fun Hexagon Connect Icebreaker to share with you. Which serves the dual purpose of a get-to-know-you activity, as well as a bulletin

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How to Plan a Field Trip for Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak peek: How to plan a successful class field trip to a restaurant or Mexican market for heritage Spanish class. I’ve even included free links for templates you can use! Are you interested in taking a field trip with your Heritage Spanish class? I just took my Heritage Spanish class on

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cajas de carton project

Resources for Teaching Cajas de cartón

Sneak peek: Four resources to use for teaching the novel Cajas de cartón. Cajas de cartón is a great novel to read with a heritage Spanish speakers class. It’s written as a memoir from Francisco Jiménez and includes stories from his childhood that touch on many impactful and relevant topics.

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