My Students threw me a Surprise Baby Shower!

Sneak peek: A surprise baby shower in heritage Spanish class. 

heritage class party students and teacher baby shower

Teaching is full of ups and downs, and quite frankly, these past couple of years have been more down, than up. But then, there are those days, you know the ones…the days where you are reminded of your, “why.” The days that you feel like you are making a difference in your students’ lives, changing the world one student at a time, and that your students do appreciate you. Those are the days that make every other day worth it.

Yesterday was one of those days for me! I am full of gratitude for my students who surprised me with the BEST baby shower.

I was out a couple of days last week taking care of my sick kiddo and my students used that opportunity to plan an entire baby shower! 

One of the seniors took the initiative of having students sign up to bring food, music (in this case, guitars for live music!) plates, silverware, and cups. They thought of everything!

students with teacher baby shower

We had birria tacos, horchata, tres leches cake, grapes, snacks, and soda! It was all so delicious and I was so impressed by their teamwork and their attention to detail. I was certainly not planning whole events like this when I was the same age.

birria tacos at school party
birria tacos
horchata heritage class party
tres leches cake heritage class baby shower

To say that I felt truly seen, honored, and celebrated is an understatement. My heart was deeply moved to see the effort they put in to celebrate my baby! I absolutely love surprises, which is why we have chosen to find out the gender of our baby at birth, because again… I love to be surprised! So, the fact that I had no idea only served to add extra layers of fun and feeling the love.

students playing guitars in Spanish classroom

Just when you thought this baby shower couldn’t be any more perfect, wait… there’s more! One of my students made a baby bingo game for us to play and she took the time to translate each of the game boards to Spanish. She even added in some personalizations like which zodiac sign my baby might be. Yes, my Spanish teacher’s heart absolutely melted.

Baby bingo in Spanish

Their thoughtfulness blew me away and this is going to be a memory I cherish always.

pregnant teacher with student baby shower

Some students brought me gender-neutral gifts, to hedge their bets on whether we are having a boy or a girl!

baby shower gift for teacher

This baby shower was the morale boost that we all desperately needed. We were able to remove masks in class for the first time last week, after two years of wearing them. And, for a moment, yesterday felt like things were getting back to normal.

two students with emoji faces

If you are interested in throwing a party with your students, check out this blog post with my tips for how to have it go smoothly.

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