17+ Free Resources for teaching Heritage Speakers Class

Sneak peek: Over 17 free resources for heritage speakers class designed to make your life easier.

Getting started with teaching a heritage class can be overwhelming and knowing where to find quality free resources can be equally stressful and time-consuming. Accessing free resources shouldn’t be confusing. So, don’t worry, I’m here to help!

In this post, I have compiled a list of the free resources I have created that you can access today! 

There are three ways you can get my free resources: 

1. My Free Resource Library 

The following are free resources available to anyone who becomes a subscriber to my email list. You can subscribe here to get immediate access!

2. Subscriber Exclusive Freebies

Once you are signed up as a subscriber, you will get EVEN more freebies emailed to your inbox periodically. My goal is to have my emails be a source of joy in my subscriber’s lives. I want that moment you get a new email from me to cause you to smile, because of the value included. These are subscriber-exclusive freebies because they aren’t available anywhere else! Here is a sneak peek of one of the resources you can expect to receive in your inbox.

You should know that I don’t spam or sell email addresses so your info is safe with me! You can also unsubscribe at any time.

3. Crecemos en comunidad

This is a special community-building free resource I have available for you! I love doing this icebreaker when I have a new group of students in class.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers

I have a lot of free resources you access immediately on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click the images below to go download them now! 

Los dos lados de mi vida (worksheet & digital version)

La historia de mi vida

Introducing FVR to Spanish class: a worksheet to get started

Guinea Ecuatorial – Culture – video embedded notes (en español)

Amor Propio: Pear Deck

El examen del español con Pero Like- an activity for heritage speakers class!

Don Quijote Comic & Questions (in Spanish)

Amor Propio: temas para escribir FREE SAMPLE

Loto de cuarentena -This digital resource was created during COVID-19, but it is entirely editable so you can adjust some of the questions and the title and use it to practice the present perfect tense no matter when you use it.

I hope these free resources help make your life easier!

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