Photo Essay: A “Family Favorite” Recipe Project for Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak Peek: A photo essay of a mini-unit about a family recipe in Heritage Spanish class. 

Food is by far my favorite form of cultural expression and after having several class parties, I saw that my students took great pride in certain recipes they love to eat and cook. It was about time we did a mini-unit on food to draw attention to some of those amazing recipes!

For this project, students created a poster of their recipe (listing and drawing the ingredients needed). Students wrote out the instructions (in Spanish) and the reason this recipe is important to them and their family. 

Additionally, I tied in the creative-writing concept of personification by requiring that students write a first-person paragraph as if they were the recipe themselves. In order to teach this concept, I incorporated the Netflix documentary series, Taco Chronicles. You can read more about how I taught personification in this unit in this blog post here

The most exciting part about this project is the final day of the unit, the class party! Students were not required to bring in their recipe, but if they did they earned ten points of extra credit. 

The posters really came alive when we were able to actually try the food!

If you would like tips for throwing a great class party, check out this blog post. 

If you want to teach this unit, you will need:

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