Writing Thank You Cards to Parents in Heritage Spanish class

My heritage students have been studying bilingualism (I’ll share more about this unit later!), so I thought that with Thanksgiving around the corner this would be the perfect time to write a thank you card to the people in their lives that have helped them become bilingual.

There is much to be thankful for around here! Towards the top of the list is our FVR Library filled with Spanish books for our classroom. We were able to purchase the books thanks to funding from Adopt-a-classroom and our local education foundation. I am going to ask students to create a card to send to these generous donors.

We will also be writing thank you cards to the guest speakers we had in class this week (the cultural liaisons at our school) who shared their experiences in translating and interpreting. 

To show my appreciation to my readers, I am making these thank you card templates available for a free download in my freebie folder! Thanks for following along on my heritage teaching journey and I hope this template helps you and your class express gratitude during this holiday season.

What is your class thankful for this year? Comment below!

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