Heritage Speakers Materials- Year Two Bundle



This bundle includes all of the materials I created my second year teaching a class for heritage speakers.

I teach the same students for three years so I created a three-year curriculum cycle. All heritage students are in the same course regardless of level and each year the new ninth graders join us.

Mix and Match
You can mix and match units from this bundle with my other two curriculum bundles. The difficulty is not necessarily harder than the materials included in my year one bundle or my year three bundle, I just covered different topics.

Blog Posts

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Read my blog post about this Year Two curriculum here.

Read my blog post about this Year Three curriculum here.

Year One and Year Two Bundles
Check out the Year One and Year Three curriculum bundles on TPT.

Format: This product is not editable. Most lessons are sold as PDFs and some lessons are compatible with Google Apps. Please make sure you are comfortable using Google Drive products before purchasing.

Distance Learning modification: There is one unit included that is distance learning compatible.


The student materials are in Spanish. Some video content that is recommended in the lessons is in English.

Lesson Plan:

The teacher lesson plans are included (written in English).


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Heritage Speakers Materials- Year Two Bundle