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cajas de carton project

Resources for Teaching Cajas de cartón

Sneak peek: Four resources to use for teaching the novel Cajas de cartón. Cajas de cartón is a great novel to read with a heritage Spanish speakers class. It’s written as a memoir from Francisco Jiménez and includes stories from his childhood that touch on many impactful and relevant topics.

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sub binder

Easy Sub Plans to Leave for Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak Peek: Easy low-prep sub plans to leave for heritage Spanish class. Let’s face it, no one likes to get sick. No one likes being injured. The situations that take us out of our classrooms are unfortunate, but also real. Typically, there is an element of stress involved in days

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bill vanpatten daniel ángel elena

Books Review: Ángel, Elena, and Daniel

Sneak peek: Three easy readers to add to your heritage classroom library for free voluntary reading.  Three short, easy-read books that I have in my classroom library for heritage speakers are Ángel, Elena, and Daniel. Each of them is authored by Bill Vanpatten.  *This post contains affiliate links, which means

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baby shower in heritage spanish class

My Students threw me a Surprise Baby Shower!

Sneak peek: A surprise baby shower in heritage Spanish class.  Teaching is full of ups and downs, and quite frankly, these past couple of years have been more down, than up. But then, there are those days, you know the ones…the days where you are reminded of your, “why.” The

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amor propio

Teaching About Self-love in Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak peek: Self-love lessons and ideas for heritage speakers class! My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my heritage students is by teaching on the topic of self-love. Instead of focusing on romantic love, I like to switch up the vantage point a little bit, and have students write

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students watching telenovela in heritage Spanish class

How to use Telenovelas in Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak peek: Which telenovelas I show in heritage Spanish class and what activities we do with them. *This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click through to one of the product links, I’ll earn a small percentage at no extra cost to you.  Have you ever shown

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flash cards for Spanish class game

Levántense: An Engaging Vocab Game for Spanish Class

Sneak peek: Levántense is an engaging vocab game that gets students moving and speaking. Are you looking for a fun game to increase classroom participation while also practicing vocabulary and pronunciation in Spanish class? Levántense is a super competitive, device-free game that gets students up out of their seats and

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How to Play Trashketball in Heritage Spanish Class

Sneak peek: The version of Trashketball I played with my heritage students. I play so many games with my L2 learner classes for vocabulary acquisition, but I find that I hardly ever play games with my heritage students. Sad! That all changed when I taught my unit on Los errores

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